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3350 N Main Ave - Scranton, PA 18508

What to expect at your child's appointment:


The first appointment is actually an expectation conversation, no charge, with the parent or guardian, and can be done over the phone. I will gather some basic info, explain how pediatric massage differs from typical massage therapy, and just briefly discuss some ideas to make your child's first appointment a success.


The first visit is about establishing communication with your child, and building a rapport. Depending on age and physical, emotional, and developmental needs, the session can run anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Typically, massage is not being done for the entire duration of the first visit.


Subsequent visits will focus on touch therapy to interact with your child using age appropriate activities, storytelling, songs, and rhymes that provide appropriate stimulation opportunities. Each session will see an increase in the amount of time of direct tactile stimulation with your child, and opportunities for parental education, and involvement.


Typically, three to five sessions are effective in establishing communication, finding what tactile activities works best for your child, and provide enough parental education that massage can become a new and welcomed activity in your home.


Pricing for out-call services:

(travel and set-up fee depends on location)

One half hour session: $40

One hour session: $65

Package of three hour sessions: $175

Package of five hour sessions: $300

Please call 570-507-9494 or email: for further info/set up appointment

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